Quarterly Meeting set for Tuesday, October 9th

The second Quarterly Meeting of the 2018-2019 year will be this Tuesday, October 9thin the Clubhouse starting at 7pm

This is a Member’s only meeting, no range quests will be allowed.

items on the agenda:

– Range Rules and ByLaws

– LTC Class information

– 4H Shooting Sports information

– Other Items TBA

We hope to see you there

September 15th Clay Tournament RESULTS / Next Tournament Details

Here are the results for the September 15th Clay Tournament:
Round 2 Points

Round 2 scores

Jeff Geer has detailed the components of the next Tournament Scheduled for November 17th as follows:

Here is the 25 shot sequence.
It will be Olympic “style” skeet shoot, not changing birds or traps, but the gun has to be low to start, and the bird can be delayed up to 3 seconds.

Station 1

Single from the High House
Pair: High House target to be shot first

Station 2

Single from the High House
Pair: High House target to be shot first

Station 3

Single from the High House
Pair: High House target to be shot first

Station 4

Single from the High House
Single from the Low House
Pair: High House target to be shot first
Pair: Low House target to be shot first

Station 5

Single from the Low House
Pair: Low House target to be shot first

Station 6

Single from the Low House
Pair: Low House target to be shot first

Station 7

Pair: Low House target to be shot first

Station 8

Single from the High House
Single from the Low House

Clay Tournament July 21st RESULTS

Here are the results from Saturday evenings’ Trap shoot:

2018 Clay Tournament – July

BRGAC CLAY Tournament to start July 21st

I am pleased to announce the BRGAC Clay Tournament for the 2018/2019 membership year.

Every other month one round of Skeet, one round of Trap, OR one round of Olympic Skeet will be conducted. Tournament Days will be the second Saturday of the month at a time to be announced at least 1 week in advance. No prizes will be awarded on the Tournament Day, instead points will be awarded to participants in an inverse relation to their place on that day, i.e. if you place 1st out of 10 people you get 10 points, you place 2nd out of 10 you get 9 point, and etc. All ties will be determined in a shoot off. Bounty birds may be thrown at any time and will be worth one point if hit. Points are non-transferable. Points will be converted into tickets and entered into a random drawing conducted at the annual July 2019 meeting.

Five prizes will be given away, the grand prize will be given first and the winners are ineligible to receive subsequent prizes. The grand prize will be a new shotgun. All other prizes are TBD. You do not need to be present to win.

The cost to participate in a Tournament Day is $5.00 per person. All tournament days are open to members and non-members alike, prizes will only be awarded to members for 2019/2020 membership year. Spouses are considered members for the purpose of this tournament, minor children are ineligible to win.

There will be six tournament days over the course of the year starting in July 2018 and ending May 2019. Non-members competing throughout the year will be eligible to win prizes if they become member for the 2019/2020 membership year. If a member for 2018/2019 does not renew membership for 2019/2020 they will not be eligible.

All tournament days will be on the second Saturday of the month unless otherwise announced. Severe weather or prior engagement of range officers may be reason to reschedule Tournament Days. Please monitor the web page, the Facebook group, email, or call myself or Chris Hopkins for updates on rescheduled Tournament Days.

Since the second Saturday in July is this weekend, the first Tournament Day will be July 21, 2018 – sign up starting at 6:30 p.m. and shooting starting at 7 p.m. we will be shooting one round of Trap.

Good luck, happy shooting, and stay safe.

Jeff Geer

BRGAC Assistant 2 for the Events Coordinator

2018-2019 Annual Meeting – TONIGHT 7pm

The Annual Meeting for the 2018-2019 Year will be held this EVENING at 7pm in the Clubhouse.

This meeting is a Members ONLY Meeting, no guests will be allowed.

On the Agenda for this meeting:
– Review 2017-2018 Year
– Election of Officers for 2018-2019
– Updates to Club policies
– other topics TBA

Hope to see you there.

Events Coordinator Announces Skeet Shoot for May 5th

Events Coordinator, Paul Hopkins, Announced at the April quarterly meeting that there would be a skeet shoot For Saturday, May 5th. Here is the flyer, announcing the event:Cinco de Mayo Skeet Shoot

4H Shooting Sports 2018 Spring Schedule

The 4H Shooting Sports Team 2018 Spring Schedule:SCHEDULE

Events Coordinator Announces Pistol Competition

Events Coordinator Paul Hopkins has announced a shooting competition for Saturday, March 31st

The flyer for this event is available here :
2018 Pistol Shoot

License to Carry Class 2018

Brazos River Gun and Archery Club is proud to offer Texas License to Carry classes to any Texas Residents who are at least 21 years of age and are not lawfully PROHIBITED from owning or carrying a firearm.

Class Starts at 10am and will be approximately 5 hours long.

The next Class will be on Sunday, February 25th

Please call Terri Blevins – President, BRGAC to register for any of these classes. (940) 452-0331

The cost for the LTC Class is as follows:

Club Members $50
Non-Members $65

The following is a (Preliminary/Subject to Change) list of classes for 2018:
February 25th
March 25th
April 29th
May 27th
June 24th
July 29th
August 26th
September 30th
October 28th
November 25th (after Thanksgiving)
December 30th (Tentative)

Palo Pinto County/ Santo 4H Shooting Team Resume Shooting Practice on Sundays

The Palo Pinto County/Santo 4H Shooting Sports team has returned for the fall season training.

Practices will run from Sunday, October 1st through Sunday, November 19th. Practice hours typically run from 1:30pm until 6pm.

The 4H Shooting Sports team utilizes the range between the Cowboy Action Range and the Skeet Range.

All BRGAC Members are encouraged to WELCOME the 4H Shooters and their PARENTS and team Coaches while they are on the Club’s property.

for any questions regarding the 4H Shooting Sports practices, Please contact the 4H Shooting Sports spokesperson, Edie Molder 817-243-6493 or email edie@6Mfirearms

4H Shooting Practice Schedule:
4H Fall Season Schedule

June 28th Shooting Event Brings Out 6 Competitors

The results are in from Saturday’s rifle Shooting Event. 6 Members competed in the shoot which featured 3 stages.
The first stage which was timed, the second stage which included steel and clay targets, and the third stage which included playing cards to make a poker hand.

Here are the point/score totals: Round Two Score Sheet

This is the second match in this series competition, here are the overall totals:BRGAC Shoot-Off Points Capture

Here are some photos from this Match:

Below are the announcement fliers from this round:
Here’s the event Flier: Round 2

Here are the particular rules: BRGAC Round 2 notes

Pistol Match brings out 9 competitive shooters

The Pistol Match this past Saturday, had 9 competitors. The match which consisted of 3 rounds began with stationary clay and steel knock-down targets for the first 2 rounds.

The 3rd round was a lot more challenging with each participant choosing an odd-ball target and the shooting distance to the target. Eric Felt, the Club’s Event Coordinator, designed the shoot with elements similar to the Shooting Gallery competition seen in “Top Shot”.

Odd ball targets that were chosen included soda bottles filled with colored water, Small bottles filled with jelly beans or paintballs, tennis balls, balloons, pencils and even bottle caps. It was fun and challenging.

Below are the 9 competitors and their final scores:

1st – Darrin Olsovsky 20 points – .45 $50 Academy Gift Card / Box of Ammo
2nd – Doyle Fain 16 points – .45 $30 Academy Gift Card / Box of Ammo
3rd – Bob Ellis 15 points – .38 Super $29 Academy Gift Card / Box of Ammo
4th – Larry Waddle 11 points – 9mm Box of Ammo
5th – Terri Blevins 10 points – .45
6th – Rob Tyner 9 points – .45
7th – Ty Fain 8 points – .45
8th – Jeff Geer 7 points – 9mm
9th – Kevin Geer 6 points – 9mm

Eric is thinking of the next shoot being a rifle shoot, watch our site to find out details as they are available

4H Shooting Sports to hold County Match at BRGAC Range

The 4H Shooting Sports team will be holding its’ county match TODAY, April 19th on the BRGAC Range.
It’s expected to start at 8am (Registration) and go through 4pm (Awards) They will be utilizing the south end of the Range facilities including the Cowboy Action Area and the Clubhouse facilities during their competition.

BRGAC Members are asked to PLAN ACCORDINGLY any trips to the Range today. The Cowboy Action Area will be CLOSED, but ALL other areas will be OPEN.. Rifle Range shooters today, please remember to use the Signal Horn when going downrange.

BRGAC’s President, Terri Blevins will be at the Range all day, should any member have any questions, concerns, etc.

Quarterly Meeting Tonight – 7pm in the Clubhouse

All Members be advised the Re-Scheduled Quarterly Meeting will be tonight at 7pm in the Clubhouse.

As a reminder, this is a “Members Only” meeting

Topics to be discussed include:

– Range Rules

– Projects

– Upcoming application period

– More topics TBA

Hope to see you there

April Quarterly Meeting Postponed 1 Week

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, April’s Quarterly Meeting, scheduled for April 8th, has been postponed 1 week.

The meeting will be held in the clubhouse on Tuesday, April 15th at 7pm

The Club Secretary will be sending out an email advising of the postponement.

Members with questions may contact the President.

4H Shooting Sports Spring Practice Begins on BRGAC Range

On Sunday, February 16th the Palo Pinto / Santo 4H Shooting Sports started their Spring 2014 season practice on the BRGAC Range. In the summer of 2013, the 4H Shooting Team lost its’ range and was in need of a range to practice for their County and District competition. After interviewing the Shooting Team Leadership and reviewing the group’s business plan, an agreement was made between BRGAC and the 4H Shooting Sports to use the area of the Cowboy Action range just south of the skeet field.

The 4H Shooting Sports group is well organized and very professional in their approach to the shooting sports and shooting disciplines they embrace. The young people involved with the team receive invaluable instruction and practice while participating.

Members should be aware of the BRGAC’s commitment to the shooting team. And ask that any members be aware of the their scheduled shooting dates and times. They will only practice on Sunday afternoons between 1pm and 6pm. The one exception will be their County competition which is scheduled for Saturday, April 19th. (more details on that day later). Below is their scheduled practice dates. If any Member has questions, they may be directed to the BRGAC President, Terri Blevins (940) 452-0331.

Sunday, March 2nd
Sunday, March 9th
Sunday, March 16th
Sunday, March 23rd
Sunday, March 30th
Sunday, April 6th
Sunday, April 13th
Saturday, April 19th – County Competition at BRGAC Range

2014 Concealed Handgun Class Schedule

Here are the CHL Classes Scheduled for 2014

All Classes are open to any persons who are at least 21 years of age and are not prohibited by law to own a firearm or prohibited from carrying a firearm. You may register for any of the classes listed below, as space permits. Classes are typically filling up a month in advance, please plan ahead !

March 30th
April 27th
May 25th
June 29th
July 27th
August 31st
September 28th
October 28th
November TBA (Due to Thanksgiving Holiday)
December TBA (Due to Christmas Holiday)

Our next CHL Class is scheduled for September 28th, to register for this class, or any other class…Please contact President, Terri Blevins 940-452-0331

For any questions regarding the concealed handgun license, requirements, etc., please go to the Texas DPS website:

Texas DPS CHL Link

4H Shooting Sports Team to start fall shooting practices

The 4H Shooting Sports Team is set to return to our range for its’ fall practice schedule. There will be a mandatory safety meeting this coming Sunday, September 23rd. Any students wishing to participate in this years team MUST ATTEND this meeting. Here is an informational sheet for members to consider:
Safety Meeting 2018-2019

Here is the Proposed Practice Schedule for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Season:
4H Schedule 2018-2019

Any Questions regarding teh 4H Shooting Sports Team or organization should be directed to Edie Molder 817-243-6493

BRGAC Clay Tournament POSTPONED to September 15th

We are set for the BRGAC Clay Tournament Round 2.

Due to continued rain in the forecast, we have had to POSTPONE the Clay Tournament Round 2 for one week.

Where: Brazos River Gun and Archery Club Skeet Field

When: September 15. 2018 – Sign up starts at 11:30, first bird flies at 12:00 noon.

What: One round of American Skeet

Cost: $5.00 per person

No prizes will be awarded on the Tournament Day, instead points will be awarded to participants in an inverse relation to their place on that day, i.e. if you place 1st out of 10 people you get 10 points, you place 2nd out of 10 you get 9 point, and etc. All ties will be determined in a shoot off. Bounty birds may be thrown at any time and will be worth one point if hit. Points are non-transferable. Points will be converted into tickets and entered into a random drawing conducted at the annual July 2019 meeting. Grand Prize will be a new shotgun, other prizes to be determined. You have to be a club member for the 2019 -2020 year to win, but need not be present.



NEW Member Applications!

PLEASE READ the following instructions BEFORE you print off this application…. failure to correctly process and submit your application will CONSIDERABLY DELAY your application and pretty much destroy any chance of obtaining membership.

There are 3 Pages to the Application:
1 – Member Application
2 – Range Rules Affidavit
3 – BackGround Check Release

A photocopy of your current Texas Concealed Handgun License or Texas License to Carry will be accepted in lieu of the background check

First, ALL 3 pages must be printed off,(Only the first 2 pages, if you submit a photocopy of your Texas CHL/LTC). ALL pages must be filled out COMPLETELY, signed and dated.

Secondly, you need to mail the Application to the address on the top of the first page. You must submit a check, money order, or cash with the Application. NO FUNDS WILL BE DEPOSITED until Membership is obtained. For some, this may be On or after JULY 1st. AS CONFIRMED OPENINGS OCCUR, The next available name on the list of New Member Applicants will be processed and notified by mail. The Membership calendar year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of each year.

If membership is NOT obtained, the funds WILL BE RETURNED.

Every year, we get 1 or 2 who complain about the process. HOWEVER, this IS the way we do it. PATIENCE is a virtue. And Membership in this Club is WORTH the waiting.

If you have ANY questions. Please feel free to send an email to


Membership RENEWALS are in the Mail

Members should be watching their mailboxes for the arrival of your membership renewal form. Club Secretary, Clark Wraight, sent the renewals out on Friday, May 18th.
Look for this on your letter:

Members need to complete the renewal form and return it to the Secretary before the end of June.

New member applocations will be available on Friday, June 1st. You will find a link to the application on this page. Photocopies of the Renewal applications will not be accepted for ‘new member’ applications.

Members should contact the Secretary if they don’t receive their renewal form by May 30th.